Liquorice Gifts during lockdown

7 Liquorice Gifts we love

Liquorice Gifts on Lockdown

Liquorice Gifts on lockdown. We hope you are well and keeping safe. Stay home, stay well and send Liquorice gifts on lockdown. In the midst of this, friends and family have birthdays, anniversaries and generally need cheering up or surprising! Luckily we are serving up online Liquorice; adhering to all government guidelines and sending out your orders while on lockdown.

Gift Ideas for friends and family afar

We have a range of Liquorice and candies to suit all tastes and price ranges. Here is a list of best selling gift ideas to help you choose:

  • The Saint Valentines Liquorice Gift Bag Set: it contains five of our six stick bags plus the mixed bag. An all-encompassing Liquorice experience in a block bottom bag with a bow to top it off!
  • The Saint Valentines Christmas Gift Bag: Contains three bags of Liquorice and candy delights. First, a mixed bag with ten different sticks. Secondly a bag of black liquorice delights and thirdly a pack of colourful Liquorice and candy. We know it’s not Christmas yet! But so that you know!
  • Liquorice Lovers Dream: Do you have a serious Liquorice lover in your life? Or you are one yourself, and you haven’t seen this product yet, where have you been? This gift is for you!! Ten large sticks of premium Italian twist liquorice, it is a Liquorice Gift dream come true!
  • Candy Lovers Dream: Maybe your loved one hates Liquorice! However, loves candy? This product is perfect ten large sticks of Italian fondant filled candies, to make them smile for miles.
  • Assorted Mixed Liquorice Bag: Another trendy Liquorice Gift with a whole bunch of variety, colours, shapes and flavours. Something for everyone that makes a perfect gift for all sorts of occasions.
  • Liquorice Love Box: Don’t forget this one! The Love Box makes a brilliant and thoughtful present. A pretty cube box with loads of yummy Liquorice and candy choices to spread the love!
  • You Choose! We’ve listed some of our best sellers here, on the other hand, why not put together your ideas? There are so many different flavours and products, from pipes and wheels to caramel or salty liquorice. The choice is yours surprise a special friend on lockdown!

Small Business Friends

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re all on the lookout for some great food ideas and or stocking fillers to share over the Christmas holiday period. Below are six British family-run companies, and great friends of ours, who have been exhibiting at the shows around the country with us for donkeys’ years! Unfortunately, a vital source of our revenue has disappeared almost entirely as the food fairs and shows have either cancelled or run on a much smaller scale. We want to do something about it, and we hope you will look at these fantastic producers and support them if you see anything you love.


Super Smashing Must Chup Sauce.

The Salter’s Must Chup Sauce range is an award-winning blend of natural tomato Ketchup and mustard with the ‘Original’ having no chilli heat and the ‘Kick’, Big Kick’ and ‘Bad Boy Kick’ having varying degrees of Chilli heat! Their USP is their versatility being used all year round as a marinade, dip, cooking sauce and table Ketchup. All sauces are gluten, dairy and nut-free and are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Our individual bottles and gift boxes are great stocking fillers and lovely presents to suit the whole family as we approach the Christmas gifting season!


Irresistibly delicious Truckle Cheese…

The Truckle Cheese Company has a cheese for every occasion – not to mention a mouth-watering selection of flavoursome chutneys, delicate pates and rillettes, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits.

We specialise in a range of luxury hampers and gift boxes to suit all tastes and budgets. What’s more, everything is available to buy in an instant via our Online Shop, offering next day delivery, and perfect for sending a special gift to loved ones you might be unable to see for a while yet. 


Wonderfully delicious Brownies….

The Pudding Wagon is a small business that produces gooey gorgeous Chocolate brownies. Brownies have got to be gooey, in our opinion. Our Brownies are freshly baked in small batches, using Welsh butter, British Sugar and Flour and free-range eggs. We have a range of different flavours to choose from. They are all extensively tried and tested! and make the perfect gift or treat.

CASA De l’Oli

Superbly flavoured Olive oils….

We are a small family business based in Suffolk. We aim to bring to you our superb range of award-winning extra virgin and fresh ingredient olive oils from our olive grove in Catalonia, Northern Spain. We produce delicious, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and inspiring flavoured oils, including our citrus range; lemon, lime and orange. All our oils are fresh, distinctive, and full of flavour. They are created, not infused, giving a pure and exquisite product.


To die for gourmet cookies…

Established in 2016, Thomas Cookie Co has created gourmet cookie treats with differences for many years using the finest ingredients; real butter, organic flour, free-range eggs and Belgian chocolate.

“Using an old family recipe and method that has been modified and perfected over many years, we have produced a range of cookie treats that will delight those with a classic sweet tooth right through to modern-day foodies.” – Thomas, Founder of Thomas Cookie Co


Super crunchy tasty roasted seeds…

Delicious crunchy, gluten-free Munchy Seeds. Husband and wife team Crispin & Lucinda Clay, based in sunny Suffolk, have been roasting & flavouring different seed blends in small batches for over 20 years. With over ten different flavours and seed combinations (no nuts) to choose from; Sweet, savoury, spicy and chocolate-coated even! The idea is to Sprinkle, Snack, Munch!

Roasted seeds add a lovely healthy boost to any meal and can be just as quickly eaten on the go. Vegetarians, vegans and plant-based eaters love the added crunch and texture they bring to every occasion. Happy munching!

Best wishes from us at Saint Valentines Liquorice company. Stay safe and stay well. If you are a nurse, doctor or keyworker we want to say Thank you to you! Love NHS.

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