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Louis Ell
Home Liquorice 19

Hurrah for Saint Valentine! I’ve been ordering from them for years and every time I buy some liquorice from a shop, thinking I might try another brand, I always come back to SV! My default favourite remains the Italian Liquorice Twists but I’ve enjoyed many other products. And the service is excellent and friendly. Thoroughly recommended.

Simon /

Louis Ell 3
Home Liquorice 20

What a great find. Fabulous selection of liquorice products and very pleased to have access to European products which are hard to find elsewhere. I ordered a few different types and the turnaround was fast and trouble-free and the liquorice is delicious. Very friendly company – will definitely be using again.

Jim /


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The perfect union of happiness and liquorice has always been Saint Valentines passion, devoted to bringing you the world’s most delicious liquorice.

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