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Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
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 27 reviews
by Debbie on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
Lemon liquorice sticks

The Lemon fondant liquorice is delicious and my absolute favourite. It’s highly addictive, and I have to ration myself from eating several sticks in one go. I place a large order and then try to make it last for a month or so, but unfortunately, the liquorice is so tempting it never lasts that long. So pleased that the company frequently posts discount codes which are well worth waiting for. Thank you Saint Valentines Liquorice company for continuing to fulfil orders throughout this difficult year, it can’t have been easy

Dear Debbie, thank you for sharing your passion with us and thank you for your kind words, that makes us happy.

by Richard Beavan on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company

The love of liquorice is something that one is born with! it is very similar to the liking for 'Marmite' and pretty much the same colour! it is a unique taste and my first childhood recollection of it, was a long black stick with a flattened end, perfect for scooping up lemon sherbert crystals until the skin was removed from one's tongue! Who needs sherbert now that we can enjoy so many different flavours in addition to the original twist?
Having 'found' Saint Valentines Liquorice Company, many years ago, it is fair to say that my craving for any type of sweet treat has now become somewhat centred upon all things Liquorice!
The products and delivery of same is second to none and I recommend The Saint Valentines Liquorice Company to my family and friends in the sure knowledge that they will receive the same excellent service!
As we say in Newport, South Wales, " I loves it!"

Thank you, Richard, we should adopt your South Wales tag line, wonderful.

by Martin on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
Sweet Italian Twist Liquorice: The very best

I've purchased from St. Valentines intermittently over a long period of time. Over the years, I’ve tried innumerable other liquorices, but none of them measure up to the quality and enjoyment of eating St V’s Italian Twist.

Thank you, Martin, we appreciate your expert liquorice taster knowledge!

by Pat on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
Please keep going!

I love everything about this liquorice, especially finding flavours I'd never thought of. I shall miss buying at Lincoln Christmas Market this year, but the online ordering is so simple and the delivery times are excellent so I haven't missed out! Please keep going!!!

Hi Pat, thank you for sharing your thoughts, your very kind. We've no intention stopping. Thanks Erling.

by Carole on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
Love It!!

I love the fondant filled liquorice and the candy sticks and usually visit the shows on the Isle of Wight to stock up. During Lockdown I have had to buy online but it is an easy process and I can place more orders than the number of shows I'd attend!!

Thank you Carole for your kind words. We'll look forward to seeing you again next year.

by Karen Currie on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
Perfect treat for family & friends

When I couldn't see my family and friends during lockdown, I wanted to send them a treat to let them know that I was thinking about them and missing them loads.
What better treat than our shared love of liquorice - and where better to get it from than St Valentines!
I ordered some for a good friend as well as some for my Dad ... so I had to have some for myself too.
I'm loving the new caramel flavour - we've run out already .... I feel another order coming on ...

Dear Karen, thank you for thinking of your loved ones and us, we're delighted to be here to keep you all supplied. Here's to betters times ahead.

by Lucy on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
What a treat!

I found this liquorice at the Gift fair at the NEC years ago and have loved it ever since!

Hi Lucy, we appreciate your kind words and love your passion for it. Thank you.

by Katie Huxford on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
Liquorice Memories!

My grandmother lives on the IOW and for years in my childhood, we would visit her for Cowes Week. My fondest memories aren’t of the boats but of the liquorice we used to buy on the esplanade! Recently stumbled across your business and made the connection! Had to buy some for memories sake! Amazing liquorice and a lovely family business, resulting in lots of happy memories and happy tummy’s!

Hi Katie, thank you for sharing your story. We're delighted to be part of it.

by Jill-Louise on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company

I've bought St Valentine's Liquorice for years from various shows that I've been to. During lockdown I really fancied a sweet treat and remembered how amazing the liquorice from this company was. I introduced my partner to it and neither of us were disappointed. Buying again.

Hi Jill, ah thank you for thinking about us and your kind words. We're pleased to have you on board. Take care.

by Emma O’Shea on Saint Valentines Liquorice Company
The most delicious liquorice

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved black liquorice. My sister went to an ideal home exhibition over 20 years ago, bought me some liquorice from St Valentines Liquorice Company and I’ve been buying it from them ever since. Love it!

Ah, this is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing Emma, we're glad you still love it.

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