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Liquorice Poetry Competition

Poetry graphic for a competition

My story revolves around a very special poetry competition that is held annually.

The Saint Valentines Liquorice Poetry Competition brings together many talented poets from around the world and offers them the chance to have their verses heard by an audience of millions.

Each contestant must submit a poem inspired by the unique flavour of liquorice, creating works that evoke a myriad of emotions amongst both competitors and spectators alike.

The annual event has become renowned for its impressive range of imaginative writing pieces, as every participant seeks to bring something new and extraordinary to the stage.

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Poetry Competition Wonderful People

Graffiti artist painting the word poetry for a poetry competition for Saint Valentines Liquorice Company

In our Liquorice poetry competition, everyone is a winner. For some of us, lockdown has brought the creative force in us to the fore. Launching a competition seemed an excellent way to engage with the creative edge in you. You amazed and delighted at the depth and variety of your response. Lockdown Liquorice Poems is ready for you.  

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