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Saint Valentines Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag

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Saint Valentines Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag! What a delight for the Liquorice Lover in your life.

A little bit of magic for everyone. You can celebrate any time of year with a gift bag to make it unique.


Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag

The Saint Valentines Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag! What a delight for the Liquorice Lover in your life to wake up on Christmas morning or another occasion and be presented with this profound Liquorice experience all wrapped up in an attractive block bottom bag with ribbon and gift tag. They won’t be able to wait to see what’s inside!…

What’s inside?

A combination of our most delicious liquorice and candies, including our Mixed bag. Ten different flavours of fondant-filled liquorices and confectionery.

There will be some delicious black liquorice wheels to chew their way through. Plus, an assortment of little liquorice mouthful delights in flavours such as banana, apple and, chocolate, raspberry liquorice from New Zealand.

When is not a good time for a Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag?

Some of our customers regularly buy this liquorice Christmas gift bag but not just for Christmas (as it is available all year round. Remove the Christmas tag). This Liquorice Christmas gift bag can quickly become a Liquorice Birthday bag or an end term. Thank you! Bag.

Congratulations on your exam results, bag; even a well done, you passed your driving test. Liquorice gift bag! It’s endless. All you need to do is remove the Christmas tag and either add your desired card or sing a song at the top of your voice “well-done darling. I love you!”

Get spreading the word!

How’s that for spreading happiness and love all over the land hooray for liquorice! Hooray for appreciation! Hooray for you! Have a great day today! (We’re all excited now, I think we better go and pack up some more of these beautiful gifts so you can get on and spread the love!) thank you for doing that.

A trendy choice!

This gift bag makes a beautiful surprise; brimming with delicious liquorice and candies, it’s an absolute top-ranking bestseller. We would love to hear from you. Have you tried this product? Please let us know your opinion and leave us a review and a star rating. Thank you so much, X.

  • A top-ranking bestseller!
  • The best gift idea!
  • A taste sensation

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
country / origin

Denmark, Dutch, Finland, Italian, UK

liquorice type

Candy, Chocolate, Hard, Natural, Soft, Sweet

type size


net weight



Combination of many products: sugar, glucose syrup, liquorice, wheat flour, corn starch, dextrose, citric acid, modified potato starch, salt, gelatine. Molasses, coconut, water, wheat starch. ammonium chloride- (is in the Bubs Raspberry and Liquorice Skull). Malic acid, sodium citrate.
Flavourings: vegetable concentrates (lemon, safflower, nettle, spinach, spirulina, carrot, hibiscus), natural anise flavour, cacao powder.
Humectant and stabiliser, glycerol, sorbitol, guar gum.
Preservative: E202, emulsifier: E 471. Colour: E120, E150a, E171, E153, E160a, E133, E162, E100.
Glazing agent beeswax, coconut oil, carnauba wax.

1 review for Saint Valentines Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag

  1. Clive (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for. My wife is not a great Chocolate fan but loves Valentines Liquorice so I was really pleased to see this gift bag as a special treat to put under the tree. It even comes with a gift tag and ribbon but I will still wrap it. Don’t want to give the game away although the sniffing dog might give her a clue . Prompt delivery in a plain box, surprise intact. Good service

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