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Virtual Festival Reasons to be cheerful; part 1.

Revellers dance at Glastonbury festival with Saint Valentines Liquorice Company

Time for a virtual festival!

It should be the festival season, and for obvious reasons, damn you, COVID! It’s not happening out there. Usually, Saint Valentine’s Liquorice company would be gearing up for the fab festival season in front of us, and perhaps you would too? So we are wondering if there are ways to time travel taking inspiration from the past and looking to the future.

The future is now

Right now, the future is online in the form of a virtual festival or boiler room performance. So many awesome performers are sharing live from their front rooms, basements or bedrooms! We just tuned in to Sam Floating Points who’s one of the artists at Boiler Room: Streaming from isolation, which is providing an array of amazing D.J and artists, including dance, to watch and dance along with while at the same time fundraising for The Global FoodBanking Network.

Dance at home!

So, hopefully, we can encourage you to keep your chin up and have a lovely dance in your lounge. Dancing makes you happy! Take inspiration, sing out loud, write some lyrics about your lockdown experience, or follow the link so you can write us a Liquorice poem! We’ll post it on our site (please do! We want your poem.)) Keep creative, look to nature, get some exercise, smile at strangers, listen to the bird song, and notice the little things.

Virtual Festival Films & roll up and buy your liquorice!

We hope you enjoy these brilliant little films of festivals in the past and the first film is by Reed Litman. She’s a famous Instagram sensation, an awesome woman and an inspiration; she captures the spirit here. So does the second brilliant film by Yorrick, our Norwegian buddy, great filmmaker, and daddy now. Both films star Helle, the Norwegian beauty and singer-songwriter with Dumpster Divas. We have been fortunate to have all these creative, beautiful souls help Saint Valentines Liquorice Company roll out the liquorice at festivals, crying ‘roll up and get your liquorice here’ which you actually can!

Thank you!

So it just leaves us to say a big Thank you! to all our Liquorice friends who’ve worked with us at festivals and to all our faithful liquorice-loving customers, old and new. We hope to see you in a field dancing again someday soon x

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