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Liquorice Poetry Competition

Poetry graphic for a competition

My story revolves around a very special poetry competition that is held annually.

The Saint Valentines Liquorice Poetry Competition brings together many talented poets from around the world and offers them the chance to have their verses heard by an audience of millions.

Each contestant must submit a poem inspired by the unique flavour of liquorice, creating works that evoke a myriad of emotions amongst both competitors and spectators alike.

The annual event has become renowned for its impressive range of imaginative writing pieces, as every participant seeks to bring something new and extraordinary to the stage.

The Creative Power of Liquorice

Every year sees, new stories that bear witness to the creative power of liquorice-infused verses.

It isn’t just winning writers who shine in these events; even dedicated observers can feel themselves caught up in a wave of emotion as the readings creep into their hearts and souls with effortless eloquence.

The opening lines alone are enough to stir crowds from their seats, clutching at each word like petals plucked from an undiscovered flower.

In other instances, it is not about how participants start but how they finish. From tearful words on friendship to stirring calls for justice, no matter what form each entry takes, there will almost always be at least one moment when readers realise that this poem encapsulates more than its author could ever intend.

From passionate performances to solemnly recited verses, everyone involved feels intensely connected by these tales created by luscious liquorice-inspired writing styles.

The Liquorice Connection

That connection carries on long after the competition concludes. Audience members still cross paths with contestants years later and exchange fond reminiscences on those truly captivating words that brought them together all those seasons ago.

So if you ever find yourself craving a unique experience that allows you to appreciate excellent literature among a supportive collective, why not consider joining? Perhaps your work could be read aloud one day at the next great Liquorice Poetry Competition!

Notable Liquorice Poets

The Licorice Fields at Pontefract’ by John Betjeman. The famous Poet Laureate wrote passionately a descriptive poem about a red-haired woman a speaker met in Pontefract. 

By Entering a poem or two, you are entering a competition to have your poem shared on our website (credited to you, of course) plus, there will be a prize draw for four recipients to win a bag of Liquorice and candy goodies.

Poetry Competition graphic

Looking for inspiration

Intriguing; what would the Poetry Society have to say about finding inspiration? Let’s dive in and see!

Firstly: being surrounded by art and nature can break down life’s limitations, freeing the mind to discover new ideas. Open your windows; explore nature walks. Marvel at colours, shapes and sounds – let yourself be inspired.

Secondly: make time for contemplation. Set aside time each day to think deeply on subjects of interest, examining both their practical aspects as well as their emotional ones. This can open a world of insight that you hadn’t expected.

Next: observe emotions without judgement while listening to music or poetry, write words or draw pictures – use whatever methods work best for you. Allow yourself to go wherever your thoughts lead you and discover bursts of unexpected creativity!

Finally: connect with other artists – discuss views and feelings, share experiences, exchange creative ideas and take part in workshops. Learn from others every step of the way – these tips can help fuel new perspectives when seeking an inspirational spark!

So now for our call to action: formulate new ideas within your own mindscape using art and nature, take moments for contemplation to connect and explore thought processes emerging from deep understanding, and feel without judgement while applying various techniques such as writing words or drawing pictures and reach out connecting with other creatives – all this should encompass’ meaningful moments coming alive with promises of inspiration which will leave you energised ready-to-go on new extraordinary adventures!

Where and When do I send it?

When you are ready, please follow this link to the Liquorice Poem submission form. We don’t have a closing date, and we want you to keep creative and send us these gems. All published poems will appear on a page on our site. 

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