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Liquorice and Yoga?

Liquorice and Yoga?

Liquorice and Yoga? yes sounds unusual, but actually when you follow the threads back to the beginning you can see how it came about that the owners of Saint Valentine’s Liquorice Company also own it’s sister company Isle of Yoga. Both lifestyle businesses developed around a love of tasty experiences. When the Liquorice Company was born it was all down to Erling’s love of fine quality Scandinavian and Italian Liquorice and also his love of travelling and in particular music and music festivals. Within this business he’d found a way to share and delight in both these things at the same time meeting lovely people, having new experiences, selling delicious Liquorice and seeing peoples faces light up!

Now along with all that travelling and Music and meeting people, dancing etc. etc. there comes a need for tranquility and looking after your self, which is perhaps where the Yoga interest came about. Erling travelled in India, and having met and practiced with many Yogis along the way, including one which became his partner (me!) he decided to study as a Yoga teacher so he could share the delight and peacefulness that he had found.

Nowadays the combination of Liquorice and Yoga is complete on the Isle of Wight. This is where both business are based. It turns out to be an excellent destination for relaxing and retreating as nearly half of the Island is an AONB ~Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In 2015 Erling completed a second Yoga Teacher training to fine tune his skills and along with me, Elaine we offer personalised retreats in Yoga and Meditation from our home on the Isle of Wight.

The yoga programmes are proving popular with all types of people from complete novices to the more experienced. A nice balanced timetable of Yoga, Meditation, delicious homemade veggie food, walks in nature and listening to music relaxing by the fire and of course if you ask nicely we’ll find you a stick of liquorice to much while you’re here!

If you can’t come to the Isle of Wight right now, but you would love some Yoga or meditation lessons then have you thought of trying a Skype session with either Erling or myself, you could be practicing in your lounge with our guidance.

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