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Natural Liquorice

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Natural Liquorice is over 50 times sweeter than sugar, thus making it the sweetest naturally occurring compound on this planet. Hence herbal Liquorice recipes often use Natural Liquorice because they are versatile and accessible. We have found the benefits of natural liquorice too long to list. What we can say is it contains active compounds that have far-reaching potential health benefits.

Did you know that because it has unique health properties, the pharmaceutical industry uses harvested natural liquorice? We extract liquorice from the natural roots of a plant. Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Sweet Root). Nature has gifted the Liquorice plant with super health qualities that have been used to treat health issues since the earliest times. The confectionery industry only uses some.

It is extracted from the fresh roots of the plant by a superheating and evaporation process. It takes about 8 hours to reduce the mass to a tar-like substance called liquorice extract. The next stage is cooling, and this makes it manageable. The extract is ground in a pulverising machine to create a powder. This stuff is golden to the specialist liquorice manufacturing industry.

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