Valentines Yoga Retreat. How do you love oneself?

About Saint Valentines Liquorice Company

Valentines Yoga Retreat.

This is a Valentines Yoga retreat which is being held on the beautiful Isle of Wight at Erling’s Yoga Centre. Aimed at individuals who feel it’s the right time to be giving themselves a gift of health and relaxation. At Erling’s Yoga Centre specialises in personalised retreats catering for a small group of up to five people. Introducing relaxation techniques, Yoga and Meditation, sharing delicious healthy food, taking you on a guided country walk and giving space to relax and unwind in the lovely homely space with like-minded friendly people.

“Our Valentines Yoga retreat will have an intimate, personal feel. Through the holistic program and the spaciousness of our home, you have the opportunity to learn effective techniques to release tension and truly relax. Within that new experience with ourselves, we can open the door to the power of love and appreciation. And that’s when the Valentines Yoga Celebration can become magical. We hope you can join us.”
Erling and Elaine x

To find out more about the programme for this Valentines Yoga Retreat and other events, please visit our sister company the Erling’s Yoga or get in touch we more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning joining us on the Isle of Wight. There are more ideas of gifts from the owners of Saint Valentines Liquorice Company to come.