Liquorice Root Sticks

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Liquorice Root  (Glycyrrhiza glabra) or sweet root.

This is the real deal, exceptional quality and really tasty liquorice root from the middle east. This is where it all starts. Liquorice extract is derived from these earthy roots and all the mouth watering adaptions of Liquorice confectionery are made. Sun dried for 10 months and just like your Gran remembers. You can do a couple of things with your root. We often recommend making a liquorice root infusion. This is a really easy way to digest the good properties the root contains and an delicious drink to boot. Add a stick in boiling water for a tea or pop one straight in your mouth for a surprisingly sweet treat. Google the health benefits… it’s a wonder!

10 stick pack of Liquorice Root Sticks.

Liquorice roots have been grown and cultivated for centuries. Its highly likely that our hunter gatherer forefathers would have used the roots fresh from the soil as a source of sweetness and moisture. Fresh roots are full of water.

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Weight100 g
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Gluten free, Natural, Sugar Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

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Natural, Root


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