Organic Liquorice powder


Organic Liquorice Powder

Organic liquorice powder. 100% natural. 25g serving. This is the very best Calabrian organic liquorice cooked to make an extract which is ground to powder. Calabrian liquorice has for a very long time been recognised for its high quality.

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Organic Liquorice Powder

Organic liquorice powder is 100% natural. Liquorice Powder is made by crushing raw Calabrian liquorice roots and cooking them until a thick residue is left. Finally, the resulting liquorice extract is dried and ground to a powder. As a result, Calabrian Liquorice is the best and consistently recognised for its exceptionally high quality.

Sweet Ingredient

The Latin name for Liquorice Root is Glycyrrhiza glabra which translates as ‘sweet root’. According to Science, natural Liquorice is 50 times sweeter than sugar; however, it is suitable for your teeth. You only need a minimal amount of liquorice powder per recipe.

Check out our Liquorice ice cream recipe. Liquorice, in its raw form, is 100 % natural. These sweet-tasting natural roots would have been in our ancestors’ awareness. Hunter Gather groups today have an intimate knowledge of their land in ways we don’t.

Harvesting Organic Liquorice

After nine months, a plant is ready to harvest in the warm climate of Calabria. A modified plough cuts deep into the soil and base of the plants. The roots, sliced and hand-pulled from the spring-time ground. Like any fresh root, they are bursting with moisture.

However, Glycyrrhiza glabra contains 50% more at harvest time. You can wring out the roots and collect sizeable amounts of sweet liquid. Could you imagine how useful and amazing that would be to our hunter-gatherer ancestors?

Share your Creative Recipes!

Share your liquorice recipes with us! We would love to know about your liquorice recipes and adventures with this sweet root! We have a page where you can add your methods. Liquorice powder is very potent; consequently, you need very little to get an intense, delicious liquorice flavour.

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Gluten free, Natural, Sugar Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

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Pure powdered liquorice root extract.


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