Italian Liquorice Wheels


Italian Liquorice Wheels. Approximately 12 wheels or 150g of the very best quality liquorice from Calabria.

Everyone loves a liquorice wheel. They are a little chewy and delicious. Unroll yours and see how far they go.

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Italian Liquorice Wheels

Who invented the Liquorice Wheel? Was it a confectioner in Pontefract or did those smart Romans have anything to do with it? The Italians have cultivated Liquorice since the earliest times. Liquorice root grows like weeds in southern Italy. Saint Valentines Liquorice Company has a long history of selling the best Italian liquorice. 

Traditional Italian Liquorice

Our Italian Liquorice Wheels are made by a company, who’s been making liquorice confectionery longer than most. They use Calabrian liquorice extract. The confectionery industry recognises it as the best liquorice, and our Italian liquorice wheels are delicious.

Hand made Liquorice Wheels

Italian liquorice wheels were always traditionally made by hand. A spindle was used to roll the still warm liquorice strand into a wheel by workers’ teams. In the UK this process was undertaken by women workers in the factories in Pontefract West Yorkshire.

What you love about liquorice wheels might be just the unique shapes and structure, but with ours, you’ll be getting the very best quality liquorice from an online liquorice shop. You’ve made a great choice to enjoy them and give us a star rating on the review tab next door.

  • Great Value
  • Long shelf life
  • Great gift idea
  • Quality Italian Liquorice
  • Best Seller
  • Vegetarian
  • Quality Liquorice taste.



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Molasses, wheat flour, glucose syrup, corn starch, liquorice extract, stabilizer: sorbitol, glycerol, vegetable oil, modified potato starch, salt, flavourings. Glazing agent: beeswax.

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