Sugar Free Dutch Liquorice Buttons


Sugar Free Dutch Liquorice Buttons. 150g of the very best quality liquorice from Holland.

Chewy and delicious little black buttons; sweet with a salty after glow! Suitable for Vegetarians!

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Sugar Free Dutch Liquorice

Sugar free Dutch liquorice from your favourite liquorice sellers. We all appreciate a sweet treat but these days some of us prefer to go sugar free. We found these sugar free Dutch liquorice a little while back but wanted to thoroughly test them first. We are confident you’ll like them too. These are made in the traditional moulded method replacing sugar with Maltitol. 

History in the making

If you love your liquorice and something sweet these delicious little sugar free Dutch liquorice buttons maybe a match made in heaven. Produced by the Van Vliet company in south Holland they have all the hallmarks of excellent Dutch liquorice. Super tasty and chewy, they have a nice consistency and actually you wouldn’t know that it was sugar free liquorice. 

Dutch Liquorice!

The Dutch are famous for their excellent liquorice. They call it Drop…The method they use to make liquorice is called moulded. Liquid liquorice is poured into corn starched trays and “baked” overnight. The trays are designed in traditional forms and  shapes. Some as Dutch houses, clogs and other recognisable designs.


Not only are the Dutch great liquorice confectionery makers and footballers, but because they mould their liquorice, these sugar free Dutch liquorice are vegetarian too. They don’t use gelatine. The liquorice sets with Gum arabic (Acacia gum): A natural gum made of hardened sap taken from two species of the acacia tree.  

Best Quality

What you love about Sugar Free Dutch Liquorice Buttons might be the fact they are sugar free or suitable for vegetarians but with ours you’ll be getting a real burst of liquorice flavour and the best quality liquorice from an online liquorice shop. You’ve made a great choice enjoy them and give us a star rating on the review tab next door.


  • Sugar Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Great Value
  • Long shelf life
  • Great gift idea
  • Quality Dutch Liquorice
  • Best Seller
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Sugar Free, Vegetarian

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Salty, Soft, Sweet




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