Dutch Caramel Liquorice


Dutch Caramel liquorice. 150g of the very best quality liquorice from Holland.

Delicious caramel-coated everso slightly salty Dutch liquorice; caramel sweet with a subtle salty after taste! We think these are a delightful treat. What about you? 

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Dutch Caramel Liquorice

Dutch Caramel liquorice is seriously yummy. There is a delicate balance to strike when using bitter and sweet in the same product in confectionery making. We think these caramel-coated Dutch liquorice pieces do just that. The northern European taste for salty liquorice is a little overwhelming to the uninitiated. However, in our opinion, this “Caramello” coating combines beautifully with the well balanced Dutch liquorice inside. A perfect Dutch Liquorice treat!

Best Quality Liquorice

The Dutch are famous for their great liquorice, and they do like it salty. The correct term is Salmiak. The addition of ammonium chloride enhances the liquorice taste, which depends on the source of the liquorice extract used. You can be confident that these liquorice have the best ingredients. They are made by the famous Kraepelin & Holm factory who have been making traditional Dutch Liquorice since 1864.

Traditional Dutch Liquorice “Drop”

The Dutch love their liquorice or drop as it is known in the Netherlands. Found throughout the country in nearly every shop you cant not be impressed with the vast choice available. There is a flavour or type of drop for every taste, from sweet to salty, hard to soft. Drop comes in many shapes and sizes, from small Groente Erwten (green peas) to large Muntdrop chewy coins.

Good Choice!

You’ve made a great choice. We’ve sold these moreish Dutch Caramel liquorice treats at festivals for the last year, and our customers love them. So to conclude, another great liquorice from your favourite online liquorice shop. Enjoy them and give us a star rating on the review tab next door.



  • Moreish Dutch Drop
  • Sweet and Bitter
  • Long shelf life
  • Great gift idea
  • Quality Dutch Liquorice
  • Best Seller

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Weight 170 g
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Salty, Soft, Sweet

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Sugar, cane sugar, molasses, wheat flour, glucose syrup, modified starch, liquorice extract, vegetable oil (coconut) colourings: caramel, gelatin, dextrose, inverted sugar syrup, flavourings: ammonium chloride,


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