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Liquorice Fish


These are delicious Italian liquorice fish made by Menozzi, a famous liquorice maker in Calabria.

They have a distinct shape, making them easy to identify, and they taste great—150 g bags.

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Liquorice Fish from Menozzi

This is a beautiful-tasting Italian liquorice with a delightful chewy consistency and a long aftertaste of Calabrian Italian Liquorice. The Liquorice Fish have a distinctive shape, making them easy to identify. They also taste great!

These wonderfully moulded Liquorice fish are a treat to eat. They are made by the famous Amarellis Liquorizas company, founded in 1731. The Amarelli family has been producing Liquorice since then. This particular product comes from the region of Calabria, where they make some of the best quality Liquorice in Italy.

Traditional Italian Liquorice From Calabria

Calabrians grow Liquorice in their fields and gardens, and they harvest the roots during the summer months. After harvesting, the roots are washed, dried, and stored until needed.

Italian Liquorice is traditionally cooked using a unique method that involves boiling the roots for several hours at low temperatures. During this process, the water evaporates, and the essential oils are extracted. This results in a concentrated flavour that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. But, fortunately, it isn’t easy to find this type of Liquorice anywhere else.

Product Features:

  • Liquorice Fish
  • Italian Liquorice
  • Calabrian grown Liquorices
  • Amarelli Liquoriza Company Founded in 1731
  • 200 Years Making Pure Italian Liquorice
  • Delightful Liquorice Taste

It’s not just the taste that makes this Liquorice special; it also looks great! A perfect gift for any occasion.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
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Glucose Syrup, Molasses, Corn Starch, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Dye (E-150a), Liquorice Juice, Salt, Flavours, Vegetal Oil (Coconut) and Beeswax.


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