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Sweet Italian Twist Liquorice

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A classic Sweet Liquorice Twist from expert Italian makers, simply delicious. We know of no better Liquorice-and that’s saying something.

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Sweet Italian twist liquorice

Sweet Italian twist liquorice has been our personal favourite Liquorice since we started back in 1994—an exceptional quality Italian liquorice stick with a satisfyingly chewy and delicious traditional Italian liquorice flavour. If you love Liquorice, you will appreciate the delicate balance needed to create a strong liquorice sweet. You’ll soon see that our Sweet Italian Liquorice has everything it takes to be a winner.

Sweet Italian Liquorice Twist

Its made with Calabrian liquorice extract recognised for its high content of the compounds that give Liquorice its unique sweet/ bitter taste. Calabrian Liquorice has been cultivated for centuries—only one of the best liquorice sources in the world.

Italian Liquorice Twists and Candy

The Italians are famous for their culture, fashion, and finesse. Their liquorice and candy products are no different; therefore, each of these regular-sized sticks is packed with a delicious flavour sensation. But they’re not the only ones who know a thing or two about Liquorice.

You’ve told us!

Saint Valentines Liquorice Company has enjoyed many years of trading at public events. From traditional local shows to large music festivals we’ve had the pleasure of meeting our customers and getting their feedback consequently we can say that this product is super popular. This classic black Liquorice puts a smile on liquorice lovers faces and keeps them coming back for more!

  • Excellent Gift idea
  • Traditional Liquorice twist
  • Classic Italian recipe
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Our Bestseller

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Weight 30 g
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Natural, Sweet

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Molasses-wheat flour – glucose syrup-liquorice extract (5%) – salt – natural flavourings- glazing agent: beeswax.

2 reviews for Sweet Italian Twist Liquorice

  1. Jan (verified owner)

    Softer and sweeter than both ‘six of the best’ and ‘ten of the best’, but still a pleasant liquorice flavour. My only reservation is that it’s quite sticky – and the warmer it gets, the stickier it gets. Keep in an airtight container in a cool cupboard.

  2. Jan (verified owner)

    This just gets better and better. Open a bag of these and you get a real waft of intense liquorice scent, and the taste is just as good.
    Soft enough to chew easily, but not so soft that it clags up your teeth and gums. Sweet but not cloyingly sweet. The Goldilocks of the liquorice world. Can be slightly sticky to the touch, but that gives you a good excuse to lick your fingers. I’ve tried umpteen different liquorices, from all the usual countries – Australia, Finland, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, etc etc and I’ve never found better.

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