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Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice

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Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice is made in a very traditional method. 40g sticks. A distinctive salty flavour and a very satisfying soft and chewy.


Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice

This soft salt Liquorice is more like the Dutch traditional salt flavour, but ours is made in the classic Finnish style. As a result, it has a distinctive salty flavour and a remarkably satisfying soft and chewy texture. It is an acquired taste, but one worth learning, in our opinion!

Salimak means Salt in the world of Liquorice.

Finnish author Jukka Annala speculates that salty Liquorice originates at drug stores that manufacture their own cough medicine. However, when and where ammonium chloride and Liquorice were first combined to produce salty Liquorice is unclear. Still, by the 1930’s it was made in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands as a candy.

Sweet or Salty or both?

If you are from Finland, this won’t be a tricky question; you will have tried myriad types of Liquorice, and I bet that you may like salty Liquorice! But, have you tried both types of Soft Finnish Liquorice? My favourite is Sweet as I can get my teeth into it. It’s so chewy and mouthwatering; however, sometimes there’s nothing I like better than a nibble of Salty Liquorice.

You’ve told us!

Saint Valentines Liquorice Company has enjoyed many years of trading at public events. From traditional local shows to large music festivals we’ve had the pleasure of meeting our customers and getting their feedback consequently we can say that this product is super popular. This traditional soft salt liquorice puts a smile on liquorice lovers faces and keeps them coming back for more!

  • Excellent Gift idea
  • Traditional Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice
  • Classic Finnish recipe
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • Our Bestseller




Additional information

Weight 65 g
country / origin



Vegan, Vegetarian

liquorice type

Salty, Soft

type size


net weight



Wheat flour-glucose syrup-molasses-sugar- ammonium chloride-liquorice extract-aniseed oil-colour:E153.

1 review for Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice

  1. sarahnicolalouise (verified owner)

    Such an interesting flavour, never had anything like it!

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