Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice

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Soft Salt Finnish Liquorice

This soft salt Liquorice is more like the Dutch traditional salt flavour, but ours is made in the traditional Finnish style. A really distinctive salty flavour and a very satisfying soft and chewy texture. It is definitely an acquired taste, but one worth acquiring in our opinion!

The words salmiak and salmiakki are derived from an archaic Latin name for ammonium chloride, sal ammoniacus, meaning “salt of Ammon.” “Ammon” in turn refers to the temple of Ammon at Siwa Oasis, where the ancient Greeks found ammonium chloride. The word ammonia has the same origin. Ammonium chloride has a history of being used as a cough medicine as it works as an expectorant. Finnish author Jukka Annala speculates that salty liquorice has its origins at drug stores that manufactured their own cough medicine. When and where ammonium chloride and liquorice were first combined to produce salty liquorice is unclear, but by the 1930’s it was produced in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands as a candy.




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Salty, Soft




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