people grouped around a fire at a festival for calendar of events for

Calendar of Events


  • We do shows and festivals during our summer season
  • We do online year-round

Here is our calendar of events for 2020. As so many of you know us from attending festivals and shows since 1994 throughout the UK, we have built up quite a reputation for what we do. We do it well, with a smile, kindness and professional know-how. However, my friends, the pandemic we are in is changing the fabric of our know world. Just what the outcome will be is not within my pay grade to know.

Calendar may change 

If you have been affected by an event cancellation that you’d been expecting to see us, we’d like to hear from you! We all know that a festival is such a chance to let loose and change up from every day to something special. Its an identity trip, and we have been part of that experience for many of you for years. Can we do something and make a connection on social media? Please let us know. 


Social Change 

As the world continues to spin and our day to day lives need to come to a halt; we need to understand our responsibility in what is currently playing out on a larger scale. Our immediate reaction is to reflect on what we can do for our community. We need to take care of each other. That’s why we have always had festivals on our calendar. They provide us with the opportunity to reflect and make changes, even for just a weekend. Well, now we can change more permanently.  

Virtual Festivals

Artists, musicians, performers, DJs, bands, poets, writers and more are live streaming from homes all over the world during the lockdown. Although the UK festival season has cancelled this summer, it is possible to join in remotely and have fun. We have been part of the UK festival scene since 1994, we were the first Liquorice company to make it out there, since followed but never matched. Check out our Virtual Festivals post for links to events happening now.