Swedish Liquorice Twists

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Swedish Liquorice. 40g sticks of a delightful Swedish Liquorice.

It has a typical Scandinavian liquorice aftertaste. Eat one and we bet you’ll want more.


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Swedish Liquorice Twists

Swedish Liquorice is delicious sweet soft eating Liquorice from our friends in Sweden. Another Scandinavian liquorice winner, it is incredibly delicious, chewy and has a smooth liquorice flavour. You might find that it reminds you of the Finnish types, we think it has a unique taste and stands up on its own.

Swedish liquorice sweet or salty or both?

If you are from Sweden this won’t be a difficult question you will have tried myriad types of Liquorice and my bet is that you may like salty liquorice! Swedes love their liquorice sweet too. My favourite is Sweet as I can really get my teeth into it, it’s so chewy and mouthwatering however sometimes there’s nothing I like better than a nibble of Salty liquorice. You may say I’m a lightweight but I prefer to savour salty liquorice a little at a time.

Sweet choice!

You’ve made a sweet choice here! Swedish Liquorice is delicious sweet soft eating Liquorice is a total delight to the senses. We think you’ll enjoy it very much furthermore we would love to know what you think, please leave us a star rating on the review tab next door


  • Choice of Swedish Liquorice
  • New Flavour
  • Sweet
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Vegan, Vegetarian

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Soft, Sweet

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