Original Italian Salt Liquorice Twist six stick bag


Original Salt Liquorice Six Stick Bag is six sticks of chewy, delicious finest quality salt liquorice in a bag!

Original Italian Salt Liquorice Twist Six Stick Bag

Original Salt Liquorice Twist Six Stick Bag is a great gift for salt liquorice lovers! This delicious liquorice is made in Italy and is the best quality. Some people flock to our stall at shows and events and this is all they’re after! You could say it is an acquired taste however if you are Scandinavian you will know it well. Have you ever tried Salt Liquorice? If you love liquorice plus you’re feeling adventurous then this is for you!

Delicious gift

The wonderful thing about our Italian Salt Liquorice Twist Six Stick Bag is that it’s not too big and not too small! There’s enough to share, it makes a great gift, however if you wanted to keep it to yourself it wouldn’t be outrageous! Fits discretely in a pocket or handbag. Also did you know our solid black Liquorice sticks are suitable for vegetarians?

Italian Liquorice and Candy

The Italians are famous for their style and finesse and their liquorice twists are no different therefore each one of these regular sized sticks is packed full of a delicious salty flavour sensation.

Great Choice!

You’ve made a great choice! We hope you enjoy our Italian Salt Liquorice very much! You can give us a star rating on the review tab next door.

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