Liquorice Mixed Bag – selection of 10 flavours


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Liquorice Mixed Bag

Our Liquorice Mixed Bag is a selection of 10 regular sized, mouth watering Liquorice and Candies. Here’s the contents; Original Sweet Liquorice Twist, Original Salt Liquorice, Original Lemon Fondant Filled Liquorice, Original Strawberry Fondant Filled Liquorice, Original Mint Fondant Filled Liquorice, Tutti Frutti Fondant Filled Candy, Watermelon Fondant Filled Candy, Blueberry Fondant Filled Candy, Orange Fondant Filled Candy and Sour blackcurrant fondant filled candy.

Something for everyone

The wonderful thing about our Liquorice Mixed Bag is that it isn’t just Liquorice! We all know that Liquorice can have it’s lovers and quite frankly, it’s haters hence the mixed bag brings people back together! There really is a flavour in there for everyone. Also did you know our solid black Liquorice sticks are suitable for vegetarians.

Italian Liquorice and Candy

The Italians are famous for their style and finesse and their liquorice and candy products are no different therefore each one of these regular sized sticks is packed full of a delicious flavour sensation.

Great Choice!

You’ve made a great choice! Our Liquorice Mixed Bag is one of our very best selling products for ten great reasons! taste all of them and let us know what you think. You can give us a star rating on the review tab next door.

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