Original Lemon fondant filled Liquorice


Original Lemon flavoured fondant filled. Liquorice sticks are sweet lemony liquoricey delights! 16 cm long and 23g. We love Lemon liquorice. What about you?


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Original Lemon flavoured fondant filled Liquorice.

Lemon fondant filled Liquorice; a delicious combination of excellent Italian Liquorice with a lip-smacking fondant filling. When you take a bite, you get the delightful black liquorice flavour followed by the smooth lemon fondant filling.

Italian Liquorice and Candy

The Italians are famous for their style and finesse. Their liquorice and candy products are no different; therefore, each of these regular-sized sticks is packed with a delicious flavour sensation.

We’re sure you’ll love these Lemon flavoured Liquorice sticks. They are a big hit at any time of year. They are perfect for sharing with family and friends, and they make great liquorice gifts. Liquorice fondant filled sticks from some of the best liquorice makers in the world. Enjoy.

Italian Lemon Liquorice

But they’re not the only ones who know a thing or two about Liquorice.

Great Choice!

Everybody needs a treat sometimes, and you’ve chosen a trendy one. We hope you enjoy this Liquorice flavoured delight. Would you please leave us a star rating on the review tab next door?

  • Unique flavour combinations
  • Sweet, soft and yummy
  • Long shelf life
  • Great gift idea
  • Quality Italian Liquorice
  • Best Seller


Weight 30 g
country / origin


liquorice type

Fondant Filled, Sweet

type size


net weight



Sugar – molasses – wheat flour – glucose syrup – liquorice – dextrose – modified potato starch – salt – gelatine- stabilizers: glycerol- sorbitol – flavourings – vegetable concentrates( lemon, safflower) – vegetable oil. Glazing agent: beeswax.


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