Ten of the Best Italian Liquorice

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Ten of the Best Original Italian Liquorice Twists. If you love our sweet Italian twist liquorice here’s a great buy — 230g bag.

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Ten of the best Italian Liquorice. If you love our sweet twist liquorice here’s a great buy. Over the years since we started our business, we noticed customers loved the liquorice so much, and they came back for more pretty quickly. Thus Ten of the Best was born.

An excellent quality Italian liquorice stick, with a satisfyingly chewy and delicious traditional Italian liquorice flavour. If you love Liquorice, then you will appreciate the delicate balance needed to create a strong liquorice sweet. You’ll soon see that our Ten of the Best has everything it takes to be a winner.

Why is Italian so good?

Its made with Calabrian liquorice extract recognised for its high content of the compounds that give liquorice its unique sweet-bitter taste. Calabrian Liquorice has been cultivated in its rolling fields for centuries. It just not get much better than this.

You’ve told us!

Saint Valentines Liquorice Company has enjoyed many years of trading at public events. From traditional local shows to large music festivals we’ve had the pleasure of meeting our customers and getting their feedback consequently we can say that this product is super popular. This classic Ten of the best Italian Liquorice puts a smile on liquorice lovers faces and keeps them coming back for more!


  • Excellent Gift idea
  • Traditional Liquorice twist
  • Classic Italian recipe
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Our Bestseller







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1 review for Ten of the Best Italian Liquorice

  1. Jan (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Chewable, great liquorice flavour with a hint of aniseed. Not sickly sweet and doesn’t gum up your teeth. And it comes in convenient-sized lengths in convenient-sized packets. Actually, I love all Italian liquorice from St Valentine’s, but this happened to be my latest order. Top quality, good value, prompt delivery – that’s why I keep on ordering from St Valentine’s. Thanks folks.

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