Blueberry fondant filled Candy Sticks


Blueberry flavoured fondant filled Candy Sticks 23 grams 

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Blueberry fondant filled Candy Sticks

Blueberry fondant filled Candy Sticks; dazzlingly electric blue with a sweet aromatic flavour. Rather crazy and delicious. Doesn’t that colour make you want to ask ‘why is the sky Blue?’ you may already know but apparently Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth’s atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colours because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time. Great to ponder and enjoy a little sweet indulgence.

Each to there Own!

We’ve met many of our customers over the years at a whole range of shows, events and music festivals and what we’ve realised is that everyone is unique and interesting. We love to hear about peoples lives and especially their liquorice experiences. Many of our customers have memories going back decades to early liquorice impressions, particularly when they try some of our liquorice root. We always recommend buying some liquorice root to compliment Blue fondant filled candy sticks because you can use them to clean your teeth after your sweet indulgence.

Cheeky choice!

Everybody needs a treat sometimes and you’ve chosen a very popular one. We hope you enjoy this chewy favourite and please leave us a star rating on the review tab next door

  • The sky is Blue too!
  • Great sweet indulgence
  • long shelf life
  • original product
  • not on the high street
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Candy, Fondant Filled

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