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Lockdown Liquorice Poems

Lockdown Liquorice Poems is an idea we hope you will want to be involved with. Have you noticed how people are sharing more? We would like to hear from you. 

We want to share liquorice poems on our website to make it more engaging & interesting. So, we thought who better to ask! Many years back, we ran a liquorice poetry competition. The results were amazing, revealing peoples creativity and diversity.

What could it be?

Your lockdown liquorice poems could take any structure, whether it rhymes, is long or short, it’s up to you, If you need some inspiration we have a few pages with interesting facts and trivia. A brief liquorice history is a good one.

Notable Liquorice Poets

The Licorice Fields at Pontefract’ by John Betjeman. The famous Poet Laureate wrote passionately, a descriptive poem about a red-haired woman a speaker met in Pontefract. 

Lockdown Liquorice Poem Draw

By Entering a poem or two, you are entering a competition to have your poem shared on our website (credited to you of course) plus there will be a prize draw for four recipients to win a bag of Liquorice and candy goodies.

Where and When do I send it?

When you are ready, please follow this link to the Liquorice Poem submission form. We don’t have a closing date, and we want you to keep creative and send us these gems. All published poems will appear on a page on our site. 

Thank you

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