Our Mission

Life’s rich experiences are worth sharing. Our philosophy which benefits our customers, staff and suppliers. We love sharing your passion for our products and ideas. Taking mobile gourmet liquorice shops into fields that morph into mobile towns. Populated with people wanting to experience life and try a nibble of ours too. We genuinely want to share with you what we have found.

Our History

Nearly three decades ago, our founder Erling McCracken met an old yoga guru while travelling in India. The yogi instructed him on the basis for living a happy and fulfilling life. A daily discipline of yoga, meditation and a stick of liquorice. Enlightened Erling returned to the UK and in 1994 founded Saint Valentines Liquorice Company. Innovators of liquorice confectionery and market leaders in quality liquorice and liquorice related products ever since, with an enviable reputation for service and customer care.

Everyones got a Liquorice story…What’s Yours?

Do you have a Liquorice Story to share with other Liquorice Lovers?

We think you probably do. Our mission has always been that life’s rich experiences are worth sharing. If there is one thing we have learned from our customers, it’s that; everyone has their own unique Liquorice story.


The perfect union of happiness and Liquorice has always been Saint Valentines passion, devoted to bringing you the world’s most delicious liquorice. Liquorice sweets come from Liquorice roots, and we are proud of our roots too. As the Original Festival Liquorice sellers since 1994. We attend all the major and boutique UK festivals and shows and are still, er, leading the field…(sorry!)

Best Sellers

Gourmet soft Liquorice form Finland uniquely made in the traditional open batch method, to a secret recipe since 1960. Our Original Italian Twists have a delightful flavour reminiscent of English liquorice from the past.

More Than Sweet

There is more to Saint Valentines than Liquorice sweets. We’re promoting better living through yoga from our sister company Isle of Yoga. Online tution, video’s and expert advise from our experienced yoga guides.

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