We have a winner Congratulations to Lois Taplin!

We wanted to celebrate Valentines day with an extra burst of Creativity and Appreciation so we handed it over to you.

On our Facebook page we launched the Saint Valentines Liquorice Company Love Poem competition and we were amazed and delighted at the depth and variety of your response, obviously we’re not the only ones who think Love is worth thinking about, we really appreciated your input. Some of the entries had a liquorice content and some of them were very personal and meaningful, some enlightening, some surprising and all of them inspiring. The competition finish line was the 10th of February 2012 which gave us here on the Isle of Wight a bit of time to build a fire, make a cup of tea, put our feet up and settle into some reading and contemplating before announcing our winner on Valentines day, a very enjoyable task.

If you haven’t already and would like to have a look at some of the entries you can visit our facebook page and check out the Love Poem Competition in events, heres a link


So here is the winning entry which appealed to the judges of all ages, of course we liked the way Lois wove Liquorice into it, which we thought was clever and the sentiment was so touching we agreed that we’d all appreciate receiving a Love Poem like this one!

Little do you know how much I love you
I think you’re one in a million
Quick to put others first and me in front of a billion.
Understanding, patient and true
On a dark day you make me feel like the sun is shining
Ready to give my cloud a silver lining.
In all the years I have known you
Can I ask for anything more?
Everlasting love from me as it’s you I adore!



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