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Glastonbury Mud…

…you gotta learn to love it

Glastonbury conditions were legendary in terms of MUD this year, some of us rolled up at pretty much the last minute (on Friday) with sparklingly clean wellies and spotless clothes observing the general scene with trepidation… before becoming one with the slip slip sliding rhythm of thousands of festival goers immersed in the fun of letting go of normal reality and entering into a Glasto Space-Time continuum. Infact even professor Brian Cox was there embracing the moment and explaining in cosmic terms that the best way to deal with the sudden influx of H2O and soil based material (Mud) was to allow your personal gravitational force to interact with that of this new and unfamiliar environment by way of minimal exertion… or small ‘mincing’ steps.

So, yes no need to say that the Saint Valentines posse was in fine fettle; seasoned festival goers for the most part a little bit of weather wasn’t going to stop Lucy and Shaughan from getting that liquorice out there to the people not only from the Fabulous lico stall where day and night people were treated to all their favourite lico treats to keep them happy (including a whole host of new flavoured sour candies and some secret recipe lico tipples=not for the faint hearted)

but also Saint Valentines was very pleased to unveil the da da da daaaa! (drum roll) new¬†improved and totally groovy and gorgeous Liquorice Trike…

It may have been you who found us and enjoyed a boogie and a delicious sweet treat under the tree not far from the pyramid stage, we shared a few lovely moments in the rain and then on Sunday in the hot beating Sun with lots of lovely people bouncing around to B B king or bopping away to Beyonce with the best of them, what ever the music was it was great to be part of so many people having an amazing, amazing time …sigh …and now it’s over… not for one but for two years, glorious Glastonbury can breathe a sigh too and take stock and recover and come to full bloom again, just in time for more beautiful moments and downright outrageous good fun… hope we see you there in 2013!

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